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20 Year Anniversary Celebrations

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It’s GeoCatch’s 20th birthday! The Geographe Catchment Council (GeoCatch) was officially formed in late July 1997 in response to the need for a coordinated, community-based approach to managing the natural resources of the Geographe Bay catchment.

Twenty years on, GeoCatch continues to have a strong role in working with the community and stakeholders to implement on-ground projects to conserve the environment, and to engage with the community about protecting Geographe Bay and its catchment.

GeoCatch’s Chair, Will Hosken said that twenty years marks an exciting time for GeoCatch. “Dedication, partnerships and being responsive to our community has brought about some great successes and achievements over the past twenty years”

“While reflecting on these we also need to continue to find new opportunities and grow GeoCatch’s role in preserving our unique environmental assets and providing a community voice.”

Over the last 20 years GeoCatch has played a major role in coordinating on ground works to improve water quality and protecting the waterways, wetlands and Geographe Bay. This role has been supported by strong and long-standing partnership between GeoCatch and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

GeoCatch has also been actively involved in conserving biodiversity in the catchment, and raising the community’s awareness on local environmental issues.

On 4 October, GeoCatch hosted a celebratory event to mark their 20 year anniversary. GeoCatch board members, staff, partners, stakeholders and local and state government representatives, including the Minister for Water all came together to reflect on GeoCach’s achievements over 20 years. View the photos and read all about it HERE.

There are a number of exciting events and promotions planned for the remainder of 2017 that will celebrate GeoCatch’s 20 years in the catchment. To stay up to date on GeoCatch’s upcoming events and get involved in 20 years in the catchment celebrations, please subscribe to GeoCatch’s Newsletter via GeoCatch’s website homepage You can also ‘like’ GeoCatch on Facebook to stay updated on latest news and events, and on how to get involved in projects.

Can you remember what you were doing back in 1997? If you have photos or memories of GeoCatch’s work in the catchment over the past 20 years, please do share them via email, or by calling GeoCatch’s office on 9781 0111.