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Water efficient practices

Install an Automatic Irrigation System

Automatic irrigation controllers are programmable electronic timers which switch irrigation stations on and off at specified times. They are highly recommended because they:

  • Are convenient and save time
  • Can be easily adjusted (or automatically self adjusted) to suit the climatic conditions/seasons
  • Reduce the likelihood of over or underwatering when managed properly


Consider Installing Water Saving Technologies

These can be inexpensive devices that are easily fitted to most automatic irrigation systems, and can save water by irrigating based on the weather readings.

  • Evapotranspiration sensors and weather stations are sensors that will adjust the irrigation cycle based on a mixture of the current climatic conditions and the plant’s estimated water demand
  • Rain sensors disconnect the automatic irrigation system controller temporarily when a specific amount of rainfall has occurred
  • Soil moisture sensors modify the pre-set irrigation run time based on the amount of moisture in the soil, i.e. if it has rained recently and the soil is moist, it will either reduce the run time or may even stop the program temporarily