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Dairy Effluent Management

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Expressions of interest for Round 2 of DairyCare effluent upgrade funding are now being taken.

Funding available under the DairyCare program aims to assist dairy farmers to reduce nutrient loss from dairy sheds and improve productivity by reusing nutrients in effluent on the farm.

GeoCatch is funding at least ten dairies in the Geographe Catchment to develop a dairy effluent management plan and provide funding incentives to upgrade ten effluent management systems. Seven farmers have been selected in Round 1 and at least three further farms will receive funding through Round 2.

Farmers who submitted an EOI in Round 1 do not need to reapply and will be contacted by GeoCatch to confirm they still would like to be considered for funding.

The DairyCare Project forms part of the Revitalising Geographe Waterways Program, a four year program supported by Royalties for Regions to improve water quality, waterway health and management of Geographe waterways.

Play your part – undertake best practice dairy effluent management to reduce nutrient loss from your dairy shed and protect our waterways and Geographe Bay.

To register your Expression of Interest to be involved in the DairyCare project , please email or phone GeoCatch on 97810 111.

The Round 2 Expression of Interest period closes on the 25th August 2017.

Download DairyCare Effluent Management funding offer flyer here: dairycare-effluent