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Minimise Nutrient Runoff

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Use Hydrozoning Principles

Hydrozoning involves classifying garden areas based on the garden’s fertiliser, water and maintenance needs. To ascertain which areas require more resources depends on its visual importance or amount of use. Below are some simple hydrozoning principles to consider:

  • Minimise plants with high water and fertiliser needs – Generally lawns require more water, fertiliser and maintenance than a shrub bed; similarly with exotic shrubs compared to native shrubs and succulents.
  • Group similar plants in each hydrozone – Plants should be grouped according to their fertiliser, water and sunlight requirements. For example: lawn and shrubs should be on separate hydrozones.
  • Irrigate based on hydrozones – Use the identified hydrozones to assist with your irrigation layout. For example, it is recommended that sprinklers are used across all lawn areas and drip irrigation for garden beds.
  • Use consistent sprinkler heads on each hydrozone – This ensures even water distribution and pressure to maximise water efficiency.
  • Minimise the amount of hard surfaces – This helps to minimise the amount of stormwater runoff, increases the natural infiltration into the groundwater, increases local biodiversity and micro-organism activity in the soil and reduces the effect of heat absorption.