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Farmers get fertiliser right

21 February, 2019

Local farmers conducting soil tests have seen first-hand the benefits of adjusting their fertiliser practices.

An initiative of the Revitalising Geographe Waterways program, soil testing has allowed farmers to focus on potassium deficiencies and liming rather than phosphorous. Reducing phosphorous application will not only improve production but will reduce nutrient runoff to waterways.

Local agronomist Graham Mussell has worked closely with a number of the farmers, visiting them personally to discuss results and plan for the coming season’s fertiliser plan.

“Strategic soil testing this year has shown how nutrient levels have moved over time and helped refine fertiliser plans for the coming season,” he said.

“Soil tests one or two years after a lime application have shown how much soil pH has increased after liming.”

GeoCatch has been supporting these farmers to get a better understanding of what drives on-farm fertiliser decision making. We are investigating the best way to share the stories of the ten case study farms, potentially through short videos and social media. If you have any particular topics around fertiliser management and soil testing you’d like to see included please email or call 9781 0111.