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Getting accurate with farm fertiliser

17 June, 2019

Farmers had the opportunity to test their fertiliser spreaders for accuracy at the recent Accu-Spread field day held in Busselton.

Understanding the spread pattern of fertiliser spreaders when using different products can result in higher productivity and healthier waterways.

Brodie Allen, who runs a beef breeders farm in Boallia, was surprised at how his machine performed.

“I was really impressed. The best thing I learned was the width. Last year I started at 30m and went down every second track for the sprayer but I have ran with a 24m track for this year’s Super after seeing the results and I’ll leave it at that,” he said.

“I’d rather get accurate spreading than follow wheel ruts.”

Australia’s leading expert trainer, Russell Nichol, facilitated the field day with Geographe farmers. Farmers tested their equipment by driving their fertiliser spreaders over test trays to analyse the spread pattern of their machines. Attendees received a graph and an understanding of the spread pattern of their equipment, so that any calibrations and machine modifications can be made.

This project is funded by the Regional Estuaries Initiative and Revitalising Geographe Waterways program.