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Local Landcare heroes

12 September, 2017

As national Landcare week comes to a close, we thank the unsung heroes of the Australian Landcare movement for caring for our environment.

The Geographe catchment has had a long history of Landcare groups with a number of local groups including the Toby Inlet Catchment Committee, Dunsborough Coast and Landcare Committee and the Capel LCDC actively working in their local areas to make a difference.

Landcare began in a small town in Victoria in 1986 with a group of local farmers forming the first Landcare group. Since then the Landcare concept has developed into a movement across Australia and now in over 20 countries around the world.

Landcare is a grass roots movement dedicated to managing environmental issues in local communities. Traditionally Landcare groups have focused on a range of activities including sustainable farm practices, restoring native habitat and revegetation and controlling weeds and pests.

Our local groups have expanded those traditional roles to include water quality monitoring, the development of management plans, research projects, whale watching, establishing habitat for threatened species  and delivering community educational programs.

Landcare brings together groups of people who share a common concern and usually live in the same catchment.

“It’s really about looking after your own patch” said Will Hosken GeoCatch Chair.  “I am always inspired at how much time and effort community members put into looking after their patch, whether it is remnant bushland, a waterway or a threatened species”.

“It’s a great opportunity during National Landcare week to recognise all the people in the Geographe catchment who do their bit to protect and improve our local environment” said Will.  “To all our unsung Landcare heroes we say thank you!”


Photos courtesy of Dunsborough Coast and Landcare Committee