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Show Us Your Effluent!

15 May, 2017

Dairy Farmers bring effluent samples to Dairy Innovation Day for testing

Dairy Farmers took the opportunity to bring samples from their dairy effluent ponds for free nutrient testing at last week’s 2017 Dairy Innovation Day in Busselton.

Understanding the amount of nutrients in effluent will assist farmers to reuse it on their paddocks to improve fertility while preventing run off to waterways. Dairy effluent can be reused to improve soil structure, increase soil fertility and reduce fertiliser costs.

The samples of dairy effluent will be analysed for nutrients and reported back to the farmers and will be used to build a database of effluent nutrient levels to guide reuse on WA dairy farms.

The average dairy cow produces up to 50kg of manure each day. A proportion of manure is deposited at the dairy shed during milking and is mixed with wash down water to create ‘effluent’.

The management of dairy effluent is a critical issue for farmers and the environment.

Dairy Project Officer Bree Brown said effluent management was a focus at Dairy Innovation Day this year.

‘The interest from farmers to improve their dairy effluent systems is growing each year’, said Ms Brown. ‘We had a good response from farmers who called into our tent to drop off their sample and find out about the project’.

The effluent sampling initiative is part of the Dairycare project supported by the Department of Water in partnership with Western Dairy.

This project is part of Revitalising Geographe Waterways and the Regional Estuaries Initiative, made possible by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

For more information contact Bree Brown on 97810 111 or email 

For more information on Dairycare effluent projects, please visit the Regional Estuaries Initiative website: or