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The marine and coastal environs of the Geographe Catchment are dominated by the majestic Geographe Bay. Geographe Bay is one of only a few sheltered north-facing marine embayments in Western Australia. Being north facing and protected by Cape Naturaliste it is sheltered from the strong regional sea breezes and summer swells. This protected coastal environment is in stark contrast to the rugged coastline of the adjacent Cape to Cape Region.

The sea bed of Geographe Bay is dominated by seagrasses which are known to be among the most extensive in Western Australia. The seagrass meadows play a vital role in stabilising sediments within the Bay. They also have a high ecological value by providing an important habitat for more than 70 species of fish and other marine life.

The coastline of Geographe Bay has been identified as one of Australia’s most vulnerable to the future potential impacts of sea level rise and climate change. The low lying shoreline could suffer increased erosion and inundation with rising sea levels.

The marine and coastal environments of Geographe Bay are a valuable State tourist asset. The Region is visited by thousands of international and domestic visitors annually and provides an important recreational resource for the residents of Busselton and nearby towns.