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Action on Algae at the Surge Barriers

01 May, 2015 The Vasse Estuary Technical Working Group (VETWG) has been trialling a number of methods to improve visual amenity and odour at the Vasse Surge Barriers (Floodgates). The Surge Barriers traps seagrass and macro algae from the wetland which builds up and decomposes over summer. The breakdown of plant material by bacteria ...
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What’s happening on the Wetlands – March Update

09 April, 2015 Did you know that the Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands are at their lowest water levels by the end of March and the water is highly salty, in some cases being three times the concentration of seawater? During this month’s sampling we found that many of the birds that used the wetlands over ...
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Dairy Partnership to Improve Health of Vasse Waterways

16 March, 2015 GeoCatch is excited to announce that it will be working with the dairy industry and state government on two new dairy projects. The new projects will form part of the Vasse Geographe Strategy to improve waterway health. The Water Minister Mia Davies, GeoCatch Chair David Kemp, President WA Farmers Dairy Council Phil ...
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Hot weather raising risk of fish deaths

06 February, 2015 Actions have been taken by the Vasse Estuary Technical Working Group (VETWG) in response to hot weather and high concentrations of a potentially fish killing algae species that raised the risk of a high fish kill in the Vasse estuary at the end of January. As part of a pilot study ...
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Vasse Estuary Technical Working Group December 2014 Response Event

16 January, 2015 As experienced in previous years, water quality in the Vasse estuary started to decline towards the end of December 2014 with elevated levels of harmful algae species and declining dissolved oxygen levels, critical to fish and other biota. Under the Fish Kill Mitigation Response Plan, the Vasse Estuary Technical Working ...
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Collaboration in monitoring our Bay

01 August, 2014 Researchers from Edith Cowan University joined forces last month with staff from the Departments of Parks and Wildlife and Fisheries to undertaken seagrass monitoring in Geographe Bay. The “Keep Watch” seagrass monitoring project, coordinated by GeoCatch, has been undertaken annually since 2012. GeoCatch Chair David Kemp said “the monitoring this year ...
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Why we should ‘Scoop the Poop’

01 August, 2014 A dog can be your closest friend, a much loved family member, a hard working companion or all of these things. Most people recognise that owning a dog can bring great joy and is also a great responsibility, but have you considered the environmental responsibility that comes with pet ownership? ...
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GeoCatch promotes sustainable gardening the Bay OK way!

24 July, 2014 Would you like a garden that is beautiful, low maintenance and has a positive impact on the environment? If the answer is yes GeoCatch’s new Bay OK Gardens project is for you. Bay OK Gardens uses sustainable gardening principles to create a healthy garden that can provide a refuge for ...
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