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Property training for hobby farmers and dreamers

03 February, 2020

After a seven-year hiatus, GeoCatch is bringing the award winning Heavenly Hectares program back to Busselton! Ideal for rural and semi-rural landholders, Heavenly Hectares property training workshops are specially designed to address soil degradation, water shortage, fertiliser management and weed issues.

If you would benefit from advice on topics such as soil types, improving soil, pasture and fodder species, weeds, pests, wind-breaking, fire and drought-proofing the landscape, then look no further than Heavenly Hectares! Join rural property expert and author, Chris Ferreira, as he shows you how to get the best out of your land and create your own piece of paradise!

Since 1993, Heavenly Hectares workshops have supported 15,000 WA small landholders with expert property advice. GeoCatch board member and small property owner, Julie Howes, says the workshops have helped her to manage her Reinscourt property.

“As an owner of a semi-rural property, it can be confusing to know where to plant trees to get the best outcomes for shade, shelterbelts and wind-breaks, as opposed to wind-tunnels, but also for fire protection,” she said.

“With concerns over the degradation and loss of topsoil around the world, every property owner has a responsibility to learn as much as they can, to nourish and preserve the land.

“Chris presents his workshops in a fun, friendly atmosphere loaded with helpful tips and resources, and I am keen to learn more from him to get the best out of my small holding.”

The Heavenly Hectares workshop is being held in Busselton on the evening of Wednesday 4th March. This is a free, ticketed event with bookings available online or by calling 9781 0111.

The event is hosted through GeoCatch’s Bay OK project, which is part of the Revitalising Geographe Waterways program supported by the State Government to improve water quality, waterway health and management of Geographe waterways.