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Management Issues

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During the development of the Geographe Catchment Management Strategy GeoCatch identified fourteen priority issues for natural resource management in the catchment. For each of these issues, background information, management objective and strategies are provided in the Strategy document.

It should be noted that there are many natural resource management issues in the Geographe catchment that are not considered priority by GeoCatch. Examples of issues not addressed include fishing and forestry pressures; domestic waste management; contaminated sites and many others. These remaining issues are being addressed by other organisations such as local government and State government agencies.


Issue 1 Improving Water Quality
Issue 2 Protecting and Improving Riparian Habitat
Issue 3 Protecting and Improving Wetlands
Issue 4 Improving Drainage Systems
Issue 5 Sustainable Use of Water Resources


Issue 6 Best Practice Land Use
Issue 7 Minimising the Impacts of Land Use Change


Issue 8 Protecting and Improving Biodiversity
Issue 9 Managing Pests, Weeds and Diseases

Marine and Coast

Issue 10 Reducing Impacts on Marine Areas
Issue 11 Protecting and Improving Coastal Foreshore Areas


Issue 12 The Community’s Voice in the Catchment
Issue 13 Respecting Cultural Resources


Issue 14 Addressing Climate Change