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seagrasses_imgGeographe Bay is home to the second largest seagrass meadows on the west coast of Australia with 70-85% of the Bay made up of seagrass meadows, which are recognised for their regional, state and national significance.

Geographe Bay’s seagrass meadows also play a vital role in stabilising sediments and have high ecological value by providing an important habitat for more than 70 species of fish, and other marine life. Seagrasses are common in shallow, temperate waters, however, in the clear waters of the Cape Naturaliste region, some meadows extend to around 30m in depth.

A major threat to the health of seagrasses meadows in Geographe Bay is nutrients from catchment run-off. Excess nutrients aid growth of algae, which in high concentrations can smother seagrasses. GeoCatch has initiated an annual seagrass monitoring program in Geographe Bay to monitor the health and distribution of seagrass meadows. For more information on the monitoring program refer to GeoCatch’s Seagrass Monitoring Project Page.