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Running a business can throw up its fair share of challenges. One of those challenges is minimising potential environmental impacts of a business. Stormwater runoff from industrial areas has the potential to transport pollutants and nutrients into sensitive environments like our wetlands, rivers and Geographe Bay. There are risks associated with businesses storing and handling hazardous substances, such as accidental spills along with the practices of business.

Learn how to ensure your business or workplace can do its best to look after our waterways and Geographe Bay:

Liquid storage & spill management

  • Store liquids and drums in bunded areas or on spill pallets under cover
  • Store contaminated parts/waste in sealed containers and undercover in a bunded area
  • Check storage areas regularly for any leaks or spills
  • Keep an Emergency spill kit kept on-site and train staff in its use
  • Have an emergency spill management plan

Wastewater management

  • Have designated wash down and oil change areas that drain to an oil/water separation unit
  • Ensure degreasing and parts washing is conducted in a parts washer or in a bundled concrete area that drains to an oil/water separation unit
  • Use an oil separation system to manage wastewater prior to approved disposal
  • Ensure oil separation system are registered and serviced
  • If applicable ensure spraying conducted in a spray booth
  • Have Material Safety Data Sheets on site for every hazardous substance you buy and/or use in business operations
  • Use appropriate degreasers and detergents i.e. biodegradable
  • Ensure correct procedures are followed for wastewater treatment i.e. management of oil/detergent prior to entering septic or sewer

Solid waste management

  • Recycle solid waste where possible
  • If you have any ‘controlled’ wastes, such as hydrocarbons, ensure these disposed by a licensed contractor
  • Install signage at disposal points
  • Create a management protocol for maintenance and housekeeping
  • Store waste in a secure or fenced area
  • Keep lids of bins closed
  • Clean and sanitise bins after emptying
  • Clearly mark recycling storage areas
  • Provide customers and staff with suitable bins for cigarette butt disposal
  • Does the site generate gross pollutants? If so use Gross Pollutant Traps where possible

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Clean kitchen exhaust systems on a regular basis
  • Sweep yard and carpark areas regularly
  • Service company vehicles and machinery regularly to ensure no leaking oil or other contaminants

Water efficiency

  • Recycle water where possible
  • Use water saving devices (both indoor and outdoor) where possible i.e. dual flush toilet, rainwater tank etc.
  • Use water efficient practices in garden and lawn areas (i.e. drip irrigation, rotator sprinkler nozzles, automated irrigation, rain sensor technology). Refer to Bay OK Gardens for more information.

Fertiliser use

  • Ensure fertilisers are stored correctly
  • If you use fertiliser on gardens, follow Bay OK Gardening principles
  • Train all staff in the proper storage and use of fertilisers