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Bay OK Gardens

A Bay OK Garden uses sustainable gardening principles to create a beautiful, healthy garden that has a positive impact on the environment. A Bay OK Garden minimises nutrient runoff, conserves water and supports local biodiversity.

Assess your own garden using the Bay OK Garden Assessment tool. 

New Garden Guide! Built a new home?

If you have just built a new home, this guide has been written specifically for those who are planning to create a new garden from scratch. It is a companion booklet to the existing Garden Guide (see below).The Guides provide useful, catchment appropriate advice on how to successfully garden in this area. Download New garden Guide Hardcopies are available from GeoCatch’s office on Duchess Street, Busselton.

Bay OK Demonstration Gardens

GeoCatch’s Bay OK project has developed four demonstration gardens in Busselton and Dunsborough to show gardeners how to create beautiful sustainable Bay OK gardens. The demonstration gardens are set to inspire gardeners to use waterwise, nutrient wise, wildlife attracting and waterways friendly approaches as described in the Bay OK Garden Guides.















For tips on how to make your garden a BAY OK Garden, explore the image below and click for more information.


By following the Bay OK Garden principles detailed in the Bay OK Garden Guide, you can help to protect our rivers, wetlands and the Geographe Bay marine environment. Additionally, we’ve uploaded some more great resources to help you with your bay OK gardening – visit the links below.

The three Bay OK Garden Principles


1.Minimise Nutrient Runoff

Nurture your soil

Effective & responsible fertiliser use

The garden guide shows you the best environmental approach to improving your soil and managing your nutrient outputs.

2.Conserve Water

Water efficient practices

There are practical and simple initiatives in this guide to improve water efficiency in your garden to avoid overwatering and leaching of nutrients into waterways.

3.Support Local Biodiversity

Incorporate local native plant species

Encourage biodiversity

Attract beneficial insects

The guide suggests many simple features and approaches that can be incorporated into your garden to help support local biodiversity.