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Bay OK Demonstration Gardens

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1. Bay Friendly Demonstration Verge Garden

Busselton Youth and Community Centre

ADDRESS: 47 Bussell Highway, Busselton WA 6280

FEATURES: Low nutrient & water efficient verge landscaping

This garden was designed by Josh Byrne, exhibiting some of the key low nutrient and water efficient landscape approaches that can be used in your own garden. It incorporates vegetated swales to capture stormwater, increase groundwater recharge and reduce water and nutrient run off into waterways. Planted native sedges and rushes strip nutrients from collected water.

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2. Bay Friendly Demonstration Landscaping

Naturaliste Community Centre

ADDRESS: 21 Dunsborough Lakes Drive, Dunsborough WA 6281

FEATURES: Low nutrient & water efficient garden with reduced grass areas

Designed and installed by Total Horticultural Services, this sustainable landscaping replaced lawn turf that required regular watering and top ups of fertiliser to keep it healthy and attractive, this new native garden will require a lot less water, and minimal fertiliser and weeding to keep it looking great into the future. The design incorporates a vegetated verge, a coastal garden with blue palette, a bold colour wildflower garden and a more subtle area of pink and purples.

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3. Bay Friendly Demonstration Verge Garden

Department of Water & Environmental Regulation and GeoCatch office

ADDRESS: 72 Duchess Street, Busselton WA 6280

FEATURES: Water conserving native garden

Created in 2012, the unused lawn verge was transformed into a vibrant low nutrient, water wise garden providing habitat for the birds and insects of the Busselton CBD. It features native plant species that are suited to sandy soils and the local climate.

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4. Bay Friendly Demonstration Residential Garden

Hanson Property Vasse Sales Office

ADDRESS: 4 Egyptian Street, Vasse WA 6280

FEATURES: Low nutrient & water efficient garden

This garden was designed and installed in 2014 by LD Total to showcase sustainable approaches that can be used in new residential gardens.

To make this Bay OK Garden the soil was improved by adding soil conditioner; the total area of impermeable paving was reduced to less than 30% by using stones and pea gravel and the lawn area was restricted to actively used areas. The water wise irrigation system includes drippers in garden beds, rotator sprinklers for the lawn and an automatic controller with rain sensor. This garden is characterised by habitat logs, rocks and a water source for local fauna.

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5. Estuary Friendly Demonstration Landscaping

Public Open Space, Newport Geographe

ADDRESS: Layman Road, Geographe WA 6280

FEATURES: Low nutrient & water efficient garden with reduced grass areas

For this Public Open Space area, developer Aigle Royal has chosen to install sustainable landscaping that is sensitive to the natural values of the Vasse Estuary it overlooks. This landscaping features a reduced lawn turf area and native gardens that require a lot less water and minimal fertiliser to achieve a long term attractive healthy appearance. There is a dedicated area of Bay OK Garden within this landscaping exhibiting local native plant species that thrive in sandy, salty, exposed coastal conditions.

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6. Waterways Friendly Demonstration Garden

Water Corporation pump station, Dunsborough Lakes

ADDRESS: Clubhouse drive, Dunsborough WA 6281

FEATURES: Low nutrient & water efficient garden with reduced grass areas

Features groundcovers as an alternative to lawn and native plants that require less water and minimal fertiliser to look great in the long term, this garden has a modern aesthetic with an informal planting scheme. Jarrah posts and granite boulders combine to reinforce the natural appearance of this garden. This garden design is provided as a downloadable PDF from this website. A suggested plant list allows you to tailor the planting to match your desired garden style and colour palette.

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