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While you may spend your summers swimming, boating or simply enjoying the Bay or one of the many rivers and wetlands, heading into the classroom each autumn doesn’t mean you should forget about the region’s waterways.

Here’s a small sample of things you can do to reduce your impact on the natural environment at school.

Reuse Old School Supplies

Use the previous year’s backpack, pencils, notebooks and other supplies if they are still in good condition.

Cover Books With Resuable Materials

Reusing materials is a Bay-friendly alternative to buying book covers at the shops. For example, cover your books with magazine clippings or photos of you and your friends.

Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

Bring your lunch in a reusable lunchbox or cooler, or reuse your paper lunch bag for several days if it is still in good condition. Pack sandwiches and snacks in reusable containers instead of plastic bags, and bring drinks in a Thermos or reusable bottle instead of a disposable container.

Reduce Emissions (and Traffic!)

Instead of driving, walk, bike or take the bus to school. If you must drive, consider carpooling with other students and/or teachers.

Raise Catchment Awareness

Start or get involved with an environmental club at your school to help raise awareness of Catchment and Bay-related issues. Encourage your school to keep the environment in mind by recycling and being energy efficient.