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Community Awareness & Engagement

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Successful catchment management is delivered in partnership with local communities. We share our knowledge of natural resources with the community to promote greater understanding of the values of Geographe Bay Catchment, and management issues that need to be addressed. We also engage and involve the community in natural resource management (NRM) activities to foster community stewardship for the local environment.

We do this through:

  • Events that raise awareness, educate or actively involve the community
  • News and media to promote Catchment values and community projects
  • Community partnerships that protect the values of the Geographe Bay Catchment
  • Consultation with community and stakeholders on projects and management strategies
  • Community representation on our Board
  • Involving landowners in projects such as rivercare, soil testing and dairy effluent upgrades
  • Reporting to the community on our activities on a regular basis
  • Engaging the community to protect Catchment values through programs like Bay Friendly Businesses, Sustainable Schools and Peppies for Possums

Our Community Awareness and Engagement projects include: