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Water Sensitive Urban Design

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water_sensitive_imgThis project worked in partnership with State and Local Government, industry and the community to deliver best practice urban water management in the Geographe Catchment in order to improve stormwater quality entering the Geographe Bay, associated wetlands and waterways.

We purposely located Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) projects like rain gardens, wetlands, swales and sediment and litter traps in areas where they are used to demonstrate their water quality benefit but also how WSUD can enhance visual, recreational, cultural, public health and ecological values.



  • College Avenue Living Wetland, Busselton
    -This keystone project has rehabilitated a large degraded drainage channel in Busselton into a functioning wetland, greatly enhancing the water quality, amenity and biodiversity of the site.
  • Capel Townsite Stormwater Treatment Project, Capel
    -Another keystone project has redirected stormwater from the Capel CBD into a constructed wetland. This polluted stormwater previously entered the Capel River unchecked. The wetland treats stormwater prior to it entering the Capel River. A large Gross Pollutant Trap located upstream of the site will provide ‘pre treatment’ and ‘safeguard the functionality’ of the wetland system.


  • Busselton Community Resource Centre Rain Gardens
    -Working closely with the City of Busselton GeoCatch has contributed two rain gardens as part of this low impact development to treat stormwater from car parks, paths and roads prior to this stormwater entering the Lower Vasse River.
  • KaBling Carwash Rain Gardens
    -Providing technical advice and funding GeoCatch has assisted with the implementation of two rain gardens as part of this development to treat stormwater run off from the carwash car parks.
  • Frederick Street stormwater re-profile site
    -This rehabilitation project has re-profiled a degraded drainage basin adjacent to the New River wetland into a small functioning constructed wetland. The site has been planted with dryland and wetland native plants to enhance water quality, biodiversity and amenity of the site.

Prior 2012

  • Fairlawn Rd stormwater re-profile site, Busselton
  • Bunbury St Basin stormwater re-profile and constructed wetland site, Busselton
  • Busselton Boulevard Rain Gardens
  • Queen St x Prince St roundabout Rain Gardens, Busselton

Funding and Partnerships

This project was funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country Program, State NRM, the City of Busselton, Shire of Capel and the Department of Water.

Project Future

Keep an eye out for new Water Sensitive Urban Design demonstration sites in the City of Busselton and Shire of Capel.