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rivercare_imgRivercare aims to reduce nutrients entering the waterways whilst protecting and improving riverine habitat. Protection and management of the riparian environment plays a role in improving water quality in our waterways whilst ensuring the long term viability of the biodiversity values in the catchment.

In the Geographe Catchment extensive areas of riparian vegetation have been cleared, though some systems still remain in good condition. Clearing has resulted primarily from agricultural pursuits but also from urban land uses. Other activities such as the removal of large woody debris and straightening of stream channels have resulted in the removal of important habitat for aquatic animals. Stream bank erosion has resulted from these activities increasing downstream sediment loads.

GeoCatch aims to protect and improve prioritised areas of riparian habitat. GeoCatch’s initial focus has been on the priority subcatchments identified in the Water Quality Improvement Plan for the Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands and Geographe Bay (WQIP), and to reduce nutrient and sediments entering the Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands and Geographe Bay from these catchments.

GeoCatch has prepared River Action Plans for the majority of the waterways in the catchment. These plans identify the condition of the riverine environment and make recommendations for improvement or protection of these environments.

As part of its rivercare initiatives GeoCatch is undertaking on ground works in cooperation with landowners in the following areas:

  • Stock exclusion fencing
  • Revegetation of foreshore areas
  • Weed control

Visit our Rivercare project page to learn more about Rivercare Across the Catchments.