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Community catchment values have been defined by GeoCatch through consultation processes. Within the Geographe catchment there is a strong desire to retain the natural qualities of the area and the semi-rural lifestyle people enjoy. There is also a need for continued economic growth in terms of employment opportunities.

The values people hold for Geographe Bay and its catchment are summarised below:

Agricultural Land

  • Conservation and protection of agricultural land and its productivity.
  • Development and implementation of sustainable management practices.

Coastal Environment

  • Preservation, rehabilitation and public access.
  • No restrictive private ownership.

Diversity and Development

  • Maintenance of socio-economic and environmental diversity.
  • Acceptance of and support for a range of industries for sustainable and diverse economic development.
  • No major industrial development along coastal strip.
  • Creation of diverse employment opportunities.


  • Conservation, protection of, and controlled access to the natural environment as the setting for all activities, lifestyles and economic development. Includes ocean, bay, waterways, land, remnant vegetation, wildlife, geographic features, atmosphere.
  • Need for public education on landcare and environmental issues.


  • Sustaining fish numbers and diversity.
  • Existence and maintenance of fish stocks for all fishing purposes.


  • Management of forests and industry to preserve natural habitats, and recreational, tourist and heritage sites.